◆SpaManicure 5000yen

[Cut&File, Trim Cuticles, Massage and Polish]

Using Products Manicure by OPI and AVOPLEX(OPI)


◆QuickPedicure 6000yen

[Footbath,Cut&File, Trim Cuticles, Applying Polished]

◆SpaPedicure 10000yen

[Footbath,Cut&File, Trim Cuticles, Extra Callus Treatment,Scrubbing, Moisturizing Mask,Massage and Applying Polished]

Using Products Pedicure by OPI

Gelcolor by OPI (hybrid gel manicure)

What is Gelcolor by OPI?

Gelcolor by OPI is a Ultraviolet manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong while maintaining the chic shine of a salon service.

You no longer have to wait time for dry your manicure.Gelcolor goes on like polish, cures in 30 seconds, and lasts for weeks. Another great thing about this amazing product is that you won’t have to worry about damaging your nails and you can remove your gelcolors at home.

Let's try it at SOLMANI.

【Gelcolor by OPI Manicure】

◆Gelcolor by OPI Manicure (1color) 6000yen

[Cut&File, Trim Cuticles(dry care), Applying Gelcolor by OPI (and arts)]

◆Gelcolor by OPI removal 200yen/1

【Gelcolor by OPI Pedicure】

◆Gelcolor by OPI Pedicure (1color) 8000yen

[Footbath,Cut&File, Trim Cuticles, Applying Gelcolor by OPI (and arts)]

◆Gelcolor by OPI removal 200yen/1


What is soakoffgel?

Soakoffgel is one of Japan’s most popular gel nail systems.

It is a breathable gel that is used to strengthen damaged or weak nails.

There is no harsh odor and it is easy to remove without damaging your natural nails.

Soakoffgel is the best option for those who have a weak, thin, or brittle nail.

The color normally lasts 3-4weeks.If you want to remove,it better doing at nailsalon using remover for your healthy nails.

Using Products Biogel,Calgel,acegel.Rapigel..and more

【Gel Manicure】

including [Cut&File, Trim Cuticles(dry care), Applying Gel (and arts)]

Gel Manicure (1color) 8000yen

Glitter Gradation (Clear base) 8500yen

Color Gradation (Clear base) 8500yen

Gel French (Clear base) 9000yen

Gel removal 200yen/1

【Gel Pedicure】

including [Footbath,Cut&File, Trim Cuticles, Applying Gel (and arts)]

Gel Pedicure (1color) 11000yen

Glitter Gradation (Clear base) 11000yen

Color Gradation (Clear base) 11000yen

Gel French (Clear base) 12500yen

Gel removal 200yen/1

Optional services

◆Optional art◆

Add colors 500yen~

Gel Jewel Art (Swarovski crystal) 200yen~

Flat Art Design 300yen~

3D Art Design 600yen~

Line Art 300yen~

◆Optional treatmant◆

【for manicure】

Paraffinpack 2000yen

Polish removal 500yen

【for pedicure】

Extra Callus Treatment 3000yen~5000yen

Polish removal 500yen